1. Rhenus and Fraunhofer IML published code to revolutionise document disposal – strictly open source

Rhenus and Fraunhofer IML published code to revolutionise document disposal – strictly open source

More open source solutions are available under the Open Logistics Foundation's Repository. The newest addition is the components of the ITCPRO level sensor. This release encompasses both software and hardware. The sensor turns recycling containers into a “smart data drum” that recognises the filling level using a time-of-flight sensor; this automatically triggers a pick-up manoeuvre, making any empty journeys unnecessary. Our partners, Rhenus Logistics and Fraunhofer IML, developed and released this sustainable solution. Making this development freely accessible to the public allows more companies to adopt it and reduce their Carbon footprint.
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Open access for streamlined document disposal and innovation

Companies constantly require the disposal of their files and documents. This is currently being done on a routine basis, giving room for empty runs. Adopting the Intelligent Tracking Control Pro (ITCPRO) level sensors will be a game-changer for companies, as it allows for file and document disposal according to their needs. The sensor recognises the current filling level, sends a message when a defined threshold has been reached, and automatically triggers the pick-up process. This ensures that the container does not overflow or is picked up when only half full. Furthermore, security risks posed by overfilled data containers, including sensitive or confidential data, no longer threaten data privacy.

The code is freely accessible in the Open Logistics Repository for companies to develop their own sensors and customise them according to their systems and requirements. Rhenus Logistics has published the source code, and Fraunhofer IML has also published the reference implementation information for compatible hardware. The work on the Sensing Puck universal hardware platform has been performed as part of the Silicon Economy Project – and it is being supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The sensors have, however, been in the marketplace since 2020 and are offered as a service by our partners at Rhenus Logistics.

Efficiency and environmental impact

The ITCPRO level sensor promises a 30 per cent reduction in empty journeys by optimising pick-up operations. This innovation provides a sustainable system that will transform the disposal logistics in the long run and reduce our CO2 footprint. We hope that more companies will take this opportunity and make their document disposal process more efficient. Businesses can look forward to more sustainable open source developments in the near future under the Foundation’s umbrella. All interested companies are invited to join our existing projects or set new topics by becoming members of the Open Logistics Foundation.

Interested companies can find the ITCPRO source code in the Open Logistics Foundation Repository:


Read the official press release here: Rhenus and Fraunhofer’s level sensor goes open source

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