1. Working Group Electronic Transport Documents welcomes new leadership

Working Group Electronic Transport Documents welcomes new leadership

Exciting times unfold as we proudly announce Jonas Kassan from the Rhenus Group, as the new Working Group co-lead for Electronic Transport Documents. Jonas Kassan, alongside Ingo Müller from Dachser SE, will guide the Working Group towards its mission of developing a unified solution for handling shipping documents across various modes of transport. This underlines how competitors work together under the Foundation's umbrella for a common goal: to harmonise logistics solutions and define de-facto standards.
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The Working Group Electronic Trasport Documents, has had a new co-leader step up. As of now, Jonas Kassan, Team Lead of Global Project Management Office & EDI at Rhenus SE & Co.KG, joined Ingo Müller, Department Head of Prototyping & Testing at Dachser SE, in leadership. Together, they will steer the members in completing the group’s projects, starting with the eCMR.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at the Open Logistics Foundation. When companies align their common pain points and jointly work on a harmonised solution to solve them, it not only benefits these companies, but also benefits the entire industry. Working on an industry-wide pain point of incompatible and paper-based shipping documents, is the Electronic Transport Documents Working Group. With their first project, the eCMR, the group members aim to take into account established templates and international standards, and jointly come up with a common eCMR solution that will allow companies to uniformly create, edit, save, forward and archive shipping documents in a human- and machine-readable format.

“Open-Source solutions developed together with the idea of creating a solution that is suitable for the many – that’s a great spirit and this is the spirit I feel in this working group. It is highly motivating to see how we have been able in the past months – by gathering knowledge and experience – to create a product that comes to live in a collaborative environment. I am happy to be part of this journey and support as a Co-Lead for the Working Group of Electronic Transport Documents.”
Jonas Kassan, Rhenus Group

Jonas Kassan brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in global project management for logistics and supply chain management. His strategic vision and commitment to innovation align seamlessly with the goals of the Working Group Electronic Transport Documents. We look forward to their contribution to the existing projects and future ones.

With the significant developments going on in the eCMR project, Jonas and Ingo’s leadership comes at a pivotal moment. The eCMR project successfully completed its first phase of the pilot test runs, and the Working Group is currently working on further developments based on the test’s findings and results. Agreeing on operational models, establishing guest access, and connecting more stakeholders to the test network are the steps currently in progress. The Foundation is excited to see its proof of concept come to life.

Former co-lead Andreas Nettsräter expresses enthusiasm for the transition, stating, “I am delighted that another industry representative, Jonas, has agreed to lead the Working Group Electronic Transport Documents. This brings us a big step closer to a standardised and accepted implementation of an eCMR solution.”

The Working Group Electronic Transport Documents invites all companies that are interested in contributing to the eCMR project and other future ones to join the team. A lot more work needs to be done, and collaboration is the best way to do it.

Learn more about the Working Group here: https://openlogisticsfoundation.org/foundation-projects/working-group-electronic-transport-documents/

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