1. Foundation promotes collaborative logistics in the Beyond Visibility Lounge podcast

Foundation promotes collaborative logistics in the Beyond Visibility Lounge podcast

The Open Logistics Foundation, a leading advocate for collaborative solutions in the logistics industry, was recently featured in an insightful podcast episode titled "Beyond Boundaries: Opening up to transformative collaboration and Innovation". In this insightful discussion, the Foundation's pivotal role in driving transformative collaboration and fostering innovation was showcased, shedding light on key strategies and open source achievements in the logistics sector. Here are some highlights shared between Andreas Nettsträter, CEO of the Open Logistics Foundation, and Iliriana Kacaniku, CEO and Founder of the Open Solve Studio, as well as host and producer of the Beyond Visibility Lounge podcast.
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A neutral and common ground for collaborative innovation

During the episode, the Foundation’s CEO, Andreas Nettsträter, expressed the pressing need for joint efforts to revolutionise the logistics and supply chain landscape. He highlighted the Foundation’s commitment to open collaboration and the harmonisation of common data standards as fundamental pillars for overcoming existing challenges, such as the industry’s reliance on paper-based documentation.

Diving into the Foundation’s journey, Andreas shared how the Open Logistics Foundation is a neutral ground for competitors to come together and implement agreed standards. Moreover, the episode delved into the Foundation’s diverse membership base, which comprises a mix of logistics service providers, shipping & forwarding companies, infrastructure service providers, associations and RTOs, and IT service providers, showcasing the broad industry support for collaborative innovation initiatives. Our partnerships leverage diverse perspectives and create value for all stakeholders.

Open source solutions under the Foundation’s implementation

Focusing on commodity-level joint development, functions that focus on the basic layer and do not generate any money, is the basis for all open source developments. Topics such as Track & Trace, where there are thousands of different approaches, and everyone communicates in a slightly different way – To a Driver App, where multiple applications currently exist, are some examples mentioned where there is a need for harmonisation to have one compatible standard. The efficiency gained from implementing such solutions is not limited to just logistic companies but extends to shippers, customers, and the broader ecosystem.

The podcast additionally explored the Foundation’s accomplishments, such as implementing digital transport document solutions, the eCMR, which have produced favourable outcomes and attracted interest from new partners to join collaborative efforts. With this exposure, the Open Logistics Foundation reaffirms its dedication to driving efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in the logistics sector through collaborative work.

To gain deeper insights into the discussions, we encourage you to tune in to the episode available on all podcast platforms, to hear our journey towards harmonised logistics and supply chain solutions:

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