The future of logistics is open source.

Away from silo thinking and media discontinuity, and towards common, cross-industry standards – what open source can do for logistics and supply chain management, and for your company.

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We emphasise the need to have open discussions to create de-facto standards for logistics, one issue at a time. 

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The Open Logistics Foundation promotes the collaborative development and commercial use of open source logistics software and hardware with the help of a unique Innovation Community. The Foundation operates the Open Logistics Repository, an open and neutral platform over which all components are developed and made available for any company interested.

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Joining the Innovation Community, every company has the chance to help create the future of open source in logistics and benefit from the solutions jointly developed. All components accommodated in the Open Logistics Repository are accessible for free for any company – also for being used commercially.



Foundation promotes collaborative logistics in the Beyond Visibility Lounge podcast

Foundation promotes collaborative logistics in the Beyond Visibility Lounge podcast

The Open Logistics Foundation, a leading advocate for collaborative solutions in the logistics industry, was recently featured in an insightful podcast episode titled “Beyond Boundaries: Opening up to transformative collaboration and Innovation”. In this insightful discussion, the Foundation’s pivotal role in driving transformative collaboration and fostering innovation was showcased, shedding light on key strategies and open source achievements in the logistics sector. Here are some highlights shared between Andreas Nettsträter, CEO of the Open Logistics Foundation, and Iliriana Kacaniku, CEO and Founder of the Open Solve Studio, as well as host and producer of the Beyond Visibility Lounge podcast.


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