Our approach to driving forward digitalisation in logistics and supply chain management entails a new mindset: The method is open ideation, the tool is open source. This is what our Innovation Community stands for.

Open ideation

Heading for collaboration: Digitalising processes in logistics and supply chain management is too big a challenge to be addressed by each and every company individually. It can only be done together, based on collaborative brainstorming.

Open source

It pays off for all: Open source leads to open standards in logistics processes, while at the same time giving companies more flexibility in their effort to establish customised solutions.


Sharing knowledge and resources: To any company interested, the Open Logistics Foundation offers multiple ways of participation in our Innovation Community.


Whether you want to play a key role in shaping our agenda or focus on projects that are of particular interest to your company – we welcome you!


Growing day by day: Open Logistics e. V., the Foundation’s support association, is comprised of companies, large and small ones, from all areas of logistics and supply chain management.

Applying for membership

Let’s cooperate: Click here for the application form and other relevant documents.