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More than just shipping: With its workshops, projects, and other activities, the Open Logistics Foundation covers the entire spectrum of logistics and supply chain management.


Ideas regarding open source solutions in logistics are numerous. From laying out an idea in theory to actually working on its realisation in a project, the Open Logistics Foundation has defined a deliberate procedure – including code review and quality control.

WG Electronic Transport Documents

The Working Group Electronic Transport Documents was established to develop a solution for companies to handle all kinds of shipping documents in a uniform manner. The group’s first project is named “eCMR”.

WG Digital Air Cargo

The dynamics of air cargo can no longer be shown through paper. The WG (Working Group) Digital Air Cargo wants to make air cargo more efficient. Through digital support of processes, the transport chain is supposed to be designed more efficient, as well as new applications and solutions being enabled.

WG Open Customs Blockchain

The digitalisation of customs processes directly affects the competitiveness of companies. However, one of the challenges in electronic customs handling is the question of the authenticity of data. Blockchain technology can create transparency here and ensure trust.

WG Track & Trace

Many different transshipment points and delivery partners make the planning of logistical transport processes difficult. At the same time, logistics partners often talk at cross purposes, especially when status terms such as “in transit” are not clearly defined. The WG Track & Trace wants to create a standardised solution with the help of open source.

All projects

Code for the future: All open source components developed by the Foundation‘s Innovation Community are available here.