1. Open Logistics Foundation joins prestigious Digital Logistics Award 2023 as a sponsor

Open Logistics Foundation joins prestigious Digital Logistics Award 2023 as a sponsor

For the 2023 Digital Logistics Award, Open Logistics Foundation is one of the sponsors. The Digital Logistics Award, is one of the most important awards for start-ups in logistics, recognising and promoting creative business solutions for the digital working world in logistics. In this article, Maria Beck, the CEO of Digital Hub Management / Digital Hub Logistics elaborates further on why this is an opportunity to be seized by startups.
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The Digital Logistics Award has been presented annually since 2017. The international award was launched by Digital Hub Logistics. Start-ups and start-ins from all over the world can apply for the award with innovative digital logistics solutions for manufacturing, retail, automotive, farm & food, mobility, the financial sector, or other industries. This year, in the spirit of open ideation and creating efficient solutions for the logistics industry, the Open Logistics Foundation is proud to be one of the sponsors of the fifth round of the Digital Logistics Award 2023, together with startport GmbH, duisport and Digital Hub Logistics.

A jury of experts will examine all applications and select up to eight finalists who will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of more than 500 decision-makers from the logistics industry at the Future Congress Logistics 2023, on 12th September in Dortmund. At the congress, three winners will be selected, with the opportunity to win up to 15,000€ in prize money to further develop their business idea! This is an opportunity not to be missed. Applications, a one-minute video and twelve slides as a pitchdeck can be submitted until 31st July 2023.

Maria Beck, CEO of the Digital Hub Management gives us some insights into why startups should actively pursue the opportunity to win the Digital Logistics Awards and all the perks that come with it.

What makes the Digital Logistics Awards one of the most substantial awards in the logistics start-up scene?
The primary goal of the Award is to discover and support proactive start-ups and initiatives in digital logistics with creative and valuable innovative ideas.
By participating, start-ups not only have the chance to compete for three monetary prizes but also benefit from increased brand visibility across various domains, valuable networking opportunities and find potential business investors and partners.
The award exists already since 2017. It is well-known in the logistics community. Applicants get a lot of attention in a network relevant to them. There are many very good startups that still exist in the market.

Can you share success stories or notable achievements from previous Digital Logistics Award recipients and participants? How has their participation impacted their projects?
There have been significant progress and multiple success stories from previous winners and participants. Let’s take a look at the 2nd place winner of the Digital Logistics Award 2021, logistics.cloud, whose journey has been rewarding to follow. Since then, they have gained a wealth of experience, visibility, and motivation for further development. Starting as a startup, they have transformed into a successful operating small and medium-sized enterprise (SME). Since its inception, logistics.cloud has facilitated the shipment of over four million packages through its platform, reaching more than 150 countries worldwide. Moreover, they are actively contributing to the logistics industry as members of the Open Logistics Foundation, where they participate in standardising data exchange and creating open source solutions.

If you’re interested, you can find comprehensive information about the award’s history, previous winners, and discover where they are today on our website through the following link: https://digitalhublogistics.de/award/.

How does the award contribute to the overall promotion of innovation and advancement in the logistics industry?
Award applicants present to the industry experts and investors highly promising fresh innovative digital logistics solutions for the fields of production, trade, automotive, farm & food, mobility or the financial sector or for any other sectors by aiming to shape the digital transformation of logistics and supply chain.
The award and the numerous international applications give the logistics innovation ecosystem a good impression of where developments in the logistics innovation sector are heading and what the potential business models for the future are. They bring new and creative business models and offer insight into tomorrow’s digital world. In this way, the start-up mentality is transferred to existing companies and experience from established companies is brought to young companies.

What advice do you have for interested participants? Any specific tips or best practices you can share?
Just follow quite minimal ease requirements for application files, believe in yourself and your idea, and just try the fortune! We are looking forward to seeing your impressive applications!

If you still have some open questions, you can learn more from the Digital Logistics Award FAQS page.

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