1. No more isolated solutions: Easy communication with other systems

No more isolated solutions: Easy communication with other systems

Open Source is one of the drivers of digital innovation in many companies today. Representatives from three member companies of the Open Logistics Foundation explain the importance of open source for them. Three different companies, three individual open source strategies – but a common vision.
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Open source software can undoubtedly add value. Where and how to deploy it is an important choice. In my opinion, distinctiveness offers considerable added value and not everything should look the same. So “how” and “when” is an interesting challenge. It seems to me that the biggest gains can be realised in the area of digitalisation of (freight) documents and data exchange between systems. Traceability of shipments (“Track & Trace”) for instance, is an important topic. I think that maximum support for this traceability using open source components will create a lot of added value.

Within our standard software Logistics.ONE, we have already been using open source components for a long time. A spearhead of our product strategy is to enable easy communication with other systems. In the Netherlands, an open source data model called “OTM” (Open Trip Model) has been developed to realise standardisation of that communication. We think it would be great if OTM becomes widely accepted, it should greatly simplify the exchange of data between different systems. That open source is supported and used by enough market players is of course very important. Within the Open Logistics Foundation, this applies to companies active in transport and logistics, but no less so to IT suppliers such as Aventeon. It goes without saying that open source software must also remain in development. Automation never stands still.

Frank Kindt, CEO, Aventeon

The Dutch IT software provider Aventeon supports logistics companies in the digitalisation of processes on the last mile with the help of its Logistics.ONE software.

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