1. No more isolated solutions: Accelerating innovation

No more isolated solutions: Accelerating innovation

Open Source is one of the drivers of digital innovation in many companies today. Representatives from three member companies of the Open Logistics Foundation explain the importance of open source for them. Three different companies, three individual open source strategies – but a common vision.
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In a time where the global economy is characterised by increasingly complex supply chains and logistical challenges, digital advancements are shifting more and more into focus in the industry. As digitalisation continues, there is a growing need to standardise processes and share large amounts of data between companies in real time. It is therefore necessary to define a common language and uniform standards to ensure interoperability. One of the biggest challenges here is to agree on a „common denominator“. This is precisely where the basic idea of the Open Logistics Foundation comes in.

As proponents of the open source approach, we firmly believe that the free exchange of knowledge and innovation between companies helps to minimise bottlenecks, optimise processes, and ultimately make the entire supply chain more efficient. The logistics industry faces several challenges that we can only solve together. Logical and as simple as possible end-2-end communication between all parties involved requires cooperation beyond one’s own company and system boundaries in all essential process steps.

We believe that the future of the transport industry lies in a closely connected, collaborative environment. The open source idea enables us to use synergies and accelerate innovations. Together we can lay the foundation for a futureproof, networked and efficient logistics industry.

Michael Gschwandtner, Director Digital Business, LKW WALTER

LKW Walter is the leading transport organisation for full loads in Europe and has been pioneering the development of combined rail/road transport and short-sea shipping since 1984.

This article was published in the second issue of the Open Logistics Magazine. You can read the entire magazine and register for future editions here.

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