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Out-of-the-box: NE:ONE makes modern data exchange in air cargo possible

Taking off for digitization: A “data hub” based on the IATA ONE Record standard for air freight is the mission of the project NE:ONE. The project will develop an open source server software package, which implements the data model and API specifications of the IATA ONE Record standard for air freight.


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Implementation of 1R core and efficiency functions (within DTAC)

Setup of 1R test network, including external and internal connections

Testing of 1R use cases

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Starting situation

Data exchange in Air Cargo is still very fragmented and using old data formats like cargo Cargo-IMP and Cargo-XML. This results in poor data quality if data is being shared at all. Current solutions only build on these old data formats, as the pressure for the industry to innovate themselves is not high enough yet. Not only is this highly inefficient and error-prone, but it also significantly slows the pace of digitization in air cargo. With the ONE Record standard for data exchange, IATA is now providing an open source solution for a modern data exchange in air cargo. However further testing still needs to be done and so far there is no robust implementation of the ONE Record API as a server software package.

The definition of the ONE Record Standard Specification can be found here.

Practical approach

The project “NE:ONE” has set itself the goal of developing an open source software package called NE:ONE, which implements the data model and API specifications of the IATA ONE Record standard for air freight. NE:ONE enables the operation of a ONE Record server and therefore participation in data exchange out-of-the-box. Every partner can host a ONE Record server and use it to provide and exchange data via the ONE Record Data Standard with its partners and customers. In order to keep the hurdle for the local application of the ONE Record standard as low as possible, the server software package NE:ONE is to be developed within the framework of the project and made available free of charge (open source) for public.

Technical details

The development starts with the following goals:

  • Development of the basic functions and components of the ONE Record API, like logistics object id, data model , post / get / patch logistics objectaudit trail of logistics object, error model, publish & subscribe model and implementation, basic security & authentication
  • Development of the advanced functions and components of the ONE Record API like publish & subscribe in multi-link/multi-party scenario, access delegation, access control, versioning
  • Development of standard server functionalities and components like configuration of the central functions of the server in the form of config files, error and performance logging, integration of an object storage
  • Development of efficiency functions like data browser, smart caching, performance monitoring, rest inhouse API


Project news

Project details

Working Group
Digital Air Cargo

Project started
January 2023

Project status
in progress

Project lead

Oliver Ditz
Research Associate
Fraunhofer IML, Aviation Logistics

Regular Meeting:

every first Monday of the month from 14:30 – 15:30

If you are interested to see how we work in the working groups you can visit one of the regular meetings. Please contact us and we will help you with further information.