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Transfer.Festival 2024

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Transfer.Festival 2024

Date: 3 July 2024Time: 9:00 - 18:00Venue: Fraunhofer IMLLocation: Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 2-4, 44227 Dortmund, Germany Organiser: Digital Hub Logistics

Transfer.Festival 2024

Doers, decision-makers, innovation drivers, problem solvers, digital experts and rethinkers – watch out!

In the heart of the Ruhr region, Dortmund keeps the doer mentality of the Ruhr alive and is, therefore, an important centre for logistics and IT research and an interesting business location where many new things are being developed.

At this year’s TRANSFER.FESTIVAL, the innovation ecosystem of the Digital Hub Logistics together with Logistik.NRW will give insights into different topics. From possibilities offered by sientific findings, methods for improving everyday working life, to the integration of new technologies and added value gained through networking, the TRANSFER.FESTIVAL offers a variety of topics.

As always, participants will gain experience solely through workshops.

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