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OS Meetup Niel

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OS Meetup Niel

Date: 19 June 2024Time: 13:30 - 18:00Venue: Log!VilleLocation: Galileilaan 3, 2845 Niel, Belgium Organiser: Open Logistics Foundation, VIL (Vlaanderen)

OS Meetup Niel

Are you open to collaborative logistics? Do you agree that new and old logistics and supply chain management challenges can only be mastered in a strong network? Then, the joint event of VIL (Vlaanderen) and the Open Logistics Foundation is the right place to be.

eCMR, EFTI, Track and Trace, and customs – these are just a few examples where it is not just efficient to develop industry-wide accepted de-facto standards but where the industry gets a voice that is heard by authorities and other nations.

So, let’s bundle forces and build European-wide coalitions to make significant progress in practical digitalisation projects. Let’s discuss the opportunities open source solutions offer and get valuable insights into our Open Logistics Foundation’s work and the collaboration we are setting up in Belgium.

We invite you to the OS Meetup in Belgium and would happily welcome you as a guest!

Updates about the agenda will follow soon.

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