1. The Open Logistics Foundation receives ALICE Logistics Innovation Award

The Open Logistics Foundation receives ALICE Logistics Innovation Award

On the 13th of June 2023 at the IPIC-International Physical Internet Conference: Expanding the Logistics Scope 2023 in Greece, the Open Logistics Foundation was awarded the "ALICE Logistics Innovation Award", in recognition of outstanding engagement and achievements in creating open source software and de-facto standards for the logistics industry. This award acknowledges the work done within our innovation community and conveys once more that the industry's pain points can best be solved as a community.
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The European Technology Platform – Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ETP ALICE), is set up to develop a comprehensive industry lead strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management in Europe. In order to honour those businesses and organisations that have effectively turned the knowledge generated throughout their projects into innovations, ALICE established the ALICE Logistics Innovation Award. By doing this, they hope to raise awareness of implementation cases and encourage others to learn from successful examples and the enabling conditions that result in success.

The Open Logistics Foundation won the 5th ALICE Innovation Award, dedicated to advancing Physical Internet, alongside other two winners from the organisations, INLECOM and FIT Consulting srl. According to the Cloud Report (V) Physical Internet including Modularization and Transhipment technologies, May 2023 by ALICE, the Open Logistics Foundation is closely connected to the concept of the Physical Internet (PI). The Foundation aims to create streamlined and interoperable solutions that align with the principles of the PI. By providing a collaborative framework where no single party dominates, the Foundation enables the development of open source solutions that can serve as the building blocks for the implementation of collaborative logistics. In this way, the Open Logistics Foundation contributes to the realisation of the vision of interconnected and efficient logistics processes.

Andreas Nettsträter, CEO of the Open Logistics Foundation found the right words to show what this means to Foundation, “I am very pleased that we have received the ALICE Logistics Innovation Award for our work at the Open Logistics Foundation. It shows that we are on the right track with open source collaboration. I am sure that this award will convince other companies of the importance of collaborative development and encourage them to work together. I am convinced that European and global logistics solutions can only be implemented together in an open environment.”

We are excited to work further on our current projects, start new ones and grow our collaborative innovation community.

Details about the achievements of the award holders and the selection of the candidates have been described in detail in the BOOSTLOG Cloud Report on Physical Internet. Download the report.

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