Simple DGPS 

This basic Differential GPS (DGPS) is a well-known and very accurate localization system for many outdoor applications, especially for mobile robotics. 

Light Node Service

This basic Blockchain component is used to connect and identify data sources and sinks to the blockchain.

Token Manager

Documents, data and company assets will be represented by tokens with the help of this basic Blockchain component.

Authorization Module

The basic Blockchain component is used to map roles and control access rights to information and smart contracts.

O3dyn Simulation Model

The O3dyn simulation model is a virtual representation of the real outdoor robot O3dyn and enables the realistic evaluation of new designs, sensors and algorithms within the simulation.

Sensing Puck

The Sensing Puck is a compact track & trace device with temperature, humidity, position and acceleration sensors.

Digital Folder

The Digital Folder forms the cornerstone for a blockchain based IT infrastructure. It is ensuring the data integrity of documents.

Collaborative Demand Aligner

The Collaborative Demand Aligner is a coordination tool as web application for demand alignment (quantity & time) between producers and suppliers to increase planning reliability in production planning while taking data sovereignty into account.

Port Transfer

The service enables digital orchestration of traffic in port areas, leading to reduction of transport cost, traffic jams (both in the port area itself and the adjoining road system), and CO2 and noise emissions.