1. NE:ONE Open Source Software released: Revolutionising modern data exchange in air freight

NE:ONE Open Source Software released: Revolutionising modern data exchange in air freight

At the ONE Record Hackathon in Seeheim on 23rd June 2023, our partner the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, introduced NE:ONE, an innovative open source ONE record server software for the air cargo community. Following the publication of NE:ONE in the Open Logistics Foundation Repository, the Working Group Digital Air Cargo accomplished a significant milestone in digitising and streamlining operations within the air cargo industry.
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NE:ONE is an initiative by the Digital Testbed Air Cargo (DTAC), a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport. Its goal is to provide an open source and free-to-use server software package, that helps you implement the IATA ONE Record standard, the new data sharing standard in air cargo and beyond. NE:ONE is fully compliant with the ONE Record API description and data model to help you get started with ONE Record.

ONE Record is a digital standard for data sharing in the air cargo industry and beyond, established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It operates on a decentralised network of servers, where each stakeholder maintains their own ONE Record server and is responsible for managing their own data. The data is linked to relevant information on other servers, using a shared API description and data model provided by ONE Record. It makes use of linked data to connect disparate pieces of data and form a cohesive dataset with information available on piece level.

The publication of NE:ONE version 1.0.0 in the repository of the Open Logistics Foundation marks a significant milestone achieved by the Working Group Digital Air Cargo in digitising and streamlining processes within the air cargo industry. By making NE:ONE version 1.0.0 freely available as open source software, the initiative sets a precedent for active participation in data exchange via ONE Record, fostering collaboration in the development and maintenance of open source elements in air cargo. Such collaboration ensures the continuous advancement and adaptation of NE:ONE to the evolving requirements of the air cargo industry.

The Working Group Digital Air Cargo, established by the Open Logistics Foundation, is dedicated to enhancing air cargo efficiency through the digitalisation of processes. NE:ONE, as the first project of the Working Group, strives to create a “data hub” based on the IATA ONE Record standard for air freight. The Foundation expresses great enthusiasm for the remarkable progress achieved by the NE:ONE team in collaboration with leading open source advocates and looks forward to further development and maintenance of NE:ONE.

“We are glad to finally launch NE:ONE. To be able to do this at the IATA ONE Record Hackathon and to have it used and tested by so many digital cargo experts makes us quite proud.” Oliver Ditz, Project Manager at Fraunhofer IML.

The release of our published software NE:ONE can be found in the Open Logistics Repository: https://git.openlogisticsfoundation.org/digital-air-cargo/ne-one

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