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Let’s cooperate – now.

Sharing knowledge and resources.

Open source has become a major principle and mode of operation to collaboratively address and solve IT problems. To any company interested, the Open Logistics Foundation offers multiple ways of participation in our Innovation Community.

Why participate?

Our Innovation Community is based on certain principles leading to concrete benefits for every participant:

  • Each project addresses a topic of high relevance in logistics and supply chain management, taking up the most pressing industry needs and requirements.
  • Each workshop and project is characterised by high diversity, as it involves companies of different size and with different backgrounds operating in different areas of logistics and supply chain management.
  • Projects are driven by hands-on developmental activities conducted by people and organisations fully committed to the common goal.
  • Exchange of knowledge and information among members of the Community is actively managed by the Foundation’s Head Office staff.
  • Projects are characterised by high organisational transparency, clear assignment of roles, and professional documentation of software development processes.
  • People representing their company in workshops and projects experience new impulses and a new level of commitment as they become drivers of innovation not just for the sake of their company, but for the entire economy and society.

How participate?

Use and adopt

Request information about projects currently underway and access the Open Logistics Repository if you are interested in using our open source services and components and developing them further.


Join our working groups and projects if you are interested in collaboratively developing a certain function or service to be used in logistics and supply chain management.


Become a member of the Open Logistics Foundation and play an active role in shaping the Foundation’s agenda if you are interested in taking a mid- to long-term perspective and making sure open source in logistics and supply chain management is here to stay.

Be part of it now

Become a member of the Open Logistics Foundation!

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Become a part of our Innovation Community!

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Anna Derevianko

Membership & Administration Manager

Open Logistics Foundation

Dieter Sellner Portrait_Schenker AG

Together we enable de-facto standards for the future of logistics. The more people and companies cooperate and use the results, the more meaningful our open source developments are.

Dieter Sellner, Head of Digital Transformation, DB Schenker