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Good for the industry.

In the interest of all.

With the digitalisation of logistics and supply chain management through open source software, the Open Logistics Foundation makes an important contribution to the benefit of the industry and the general public. With an endowment or donation, you ensure that the foundation can pursue its work in the long term and help innovations achieve a breakthrough.

Open source in logistics:
Common good and industry welfare at the same time.

Logistics and supply chain management are the backbone of the European economy and make an important contribution to society. Processes must be continuously improved for the logistics industry to remain competitive and become more sustainable.

The open source approach of the Open Logistics Foundation is committed to both the common good and the welfare of the industry:

  • Promoting technological innovations in an open and collaborative environment, leading to the creation of de-facto standards that are crucial for the industry and, therefore, enabling more efficient and sustainable supply chains
  • Expansion of exchange and cooperation between companies across national borders with the aim of strengthening global supply chains
  • Strengthening research and development so that innovations and trends in logistics and supply chain management are recognised in time and implemented in a targeted manner
  • Improving digital education and attracting skilled labour to shape and drive the digital and green transformation

By publishing the results of open source projects, the source code of software and hardware becomes a public good that can be used permanently by the entire industry and the general public, similar to transport infrastructure.

Strengthening the industry through endowments.

Entrepreneurs who identify with the goals of the Open Logistics Foundation in a special way and pursue similar goals in their own company have the opportunity to make an endowment. In doing so, you are not only investing in the future of the Foundation but also in the future of logistics and, ultimately, in your own company.

We are looking forward to meeting personalities from companies that want to combine economic and social commitment and contribute to strengthening the logistics sector and, thus, the state and society. As an endower, you will join a lively and inspiring network of international and innovative companies investing in the future of logistics. You will be invited to selected network events and regularly informed about progress.

We would be happy to discuss your commitment and the modalities of an endowment with you personally. Contact us!

Promoting logistics solutions with donations.

A shared commitment to open source in logistics and supply chain management leads to continuous improvements, innovations and best practices that benefit the entire industry. By financially supporting the work of our Working Groups and projects, new developments can be driven forward and implemented more quickly. Your one-off or monthly donations flow directly and immediately into our day-to-day work.

Here, you can make a donation

Open Logistics Foundation
IBAN: DE63 4405 0199 0001 1460 17

Please state the keyword ‘Donation’ and your full address when making the transfer so that we can send you a confirmation once we have received your donation.

If you would like to donate to a specific project or cause, we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

Endowments and donations go to the Open Logistics Foundation, a non-profit and commonbenefit foundation under private law within the meaning of Section 1 of the Foundation Act for the state of North Rhine Westphalia, based in Dortmund. The Open Logistics Foundation is recognised as a tax-privileged foundation. If you live outside of Germany or your organisation is based outside of Germany, please ask your tax advisor whether your donation or endowment is tax-deductible.


Thorsten Hülsmann


Open Logistics Foundation

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