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Take a look at our most frequently asked questions, which will give you a good and general overview of what the Foundation is all about. We have the answers to all your burning questions here for you. In case of any further questions, feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to informing you about the Open Logistics Foundation and having you as a part of our joint open source community.

What product or service does the Foundation offer?

We offer a neutral platform for facilitating the collaborative development of open source solutions, to existing problems in logistics and supply chain management. We do not have any commercial products or services.

What means “open source”?

Open source means the free availability of software source code.
In the sense of “sharing is caring” open source development is a community-based approach to create any intellectual property via open collaboration, inclusiveness, transparency, and regular public updates. Well-known examples are Linux and Firefox.

Why open ideation?

The open ideation process provides multiple approaches and perspectives that are brought in by participants with different backgrounds, making the quality of ideas commonly generated very high and relevant. The process involved from ideation to forming the projects is transparent to all participants which also strengthens the discussions in the process and eventually obtains solutions that are best for the entire industry.
With the challenges being similar to all industry players, collaboratively coming up with de-facto standards for commodities is the most efficient way to solve them.

What are “commodities”?

Commodities are the opposite of USPs (Unique Selling Points). The question is: What can’t you earn money with? These are basic functionalities or processes that many companies need to offer but that don’t differentiate themselves from its competitors. From a compliance perspective, commodities are the things that competitors are allowed to jointly work on, based on open source. The development of those commodities costs time and resources but they are not explicitly valued by the customers. They simply assume their existence – like having light in the fridge.

Who are we addressing?

Our Foundation benefits different companies in different fields such as equipment service providers, forwarding companies, IT companies, logistics service providers, platform operators, port/airport operators and shipping companies.
Interested universities, research institutes, associations and individual people can also benefit from the Foundation activities.
To find out more about our current members, visit this link.

What benefits can a company get from joining the Foundation?

A company gets several benefits by becoming part of the Open Logistics Foundation such as expanding its network, gaining knowledge, positioning itself as an innovator, strengthening its employer brand, sharing development resources and shaping the de-facto standards of tomorrow.
Visit this link for more information on why you should join our community.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Membership fees vary for companies to persons. This depends on your annual turnover, type of membership and the group you belong to. To get a detailed overview, please check out our pdf download link.

Can I participate even without becoming a member?

Even if you are not a member you have access to our Open Logistics Repository. Here, the open source software is developed and published. You can give feedback and stay updated.
Before working on the concrete code many legal, technical and organisational discussions take place among the members. To be part of a Working Group or a Project, you need to be part of the Foundation / the Open Logistics e. V. .

Why do you have to join our network under the Support Association “Open Logistics e. V.” and not the Open Logistics Foundation itself?

The Open Logistics Foundation was founded by duisport, Dachser, DB Schenker, Rhenus. Due to its legal framework, a Foundation is a “closed shop”. To integrate other player and to build up a vibrant OS for logistics community, the Support Association “Open Logistics e. V.” was founded. The Association supports the Foundation financially as well as by sending experts to the Working Groups, Projects and other activities of the Foundation.

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