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No one succeeds alone in digitising logistics. Participation is the order of the day. Developing solutions together and sharing the results – this is how everyone progresses. The Open Logistics Foundation and its support association Open Logistics e. V. are lighting the way.


Benefit for each company

The more companies contribute ideas for open source developments to the community, the greater the gain for each individual company.


Better scaling

The more developer-capacity companies bring to the projects, the better the solutions will scale.


Rapid spread of standards

The more companies develop and use the solutions, the faster standards spread.

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“Cooperation between competitors is a must if companies are to survive in global competition. This is especially true in Europe.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke

Director Fraunhofer IML, Chairman of the Board Open Logistics e. V.

“Today, logistics and supply chain management still operate in a world of silos and media discontinuities. There just isn’t enough digital, cross-company data exchange. More than ever, it is collaboration that counts.”

Ralf Düster

Co-Founder und Board Member Setlog, founding member Open Logistics e. V.

“We are participating because we are convinced that logistical standard solutions are only digitally scalable when they are developed through collaboration.”

Niko Hossain

Managing Director Lobster Logistics Cloud, founding member Open Logistics e. V.

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You want to create standards for the entire industry?
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As a strategic member of the Foundation’s Supporting Association, you will play a key role in shaping our agenda and work. Through your participation, you ensure that new open source solutions not only set standards in your company, but in the whole industry.

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You want to push solutions for your company?
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As a solution member of the Foundation’s Support Association, you support our work and goals with your impulses. You can focus on projects that are of particular interest to your company.

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You’re interested in working on single projects?
It’s always possible!

Fresh perspectives are vital for the development of open source solutions. Your participation is always welcome.

Your benefits

How to join.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your membership in the Foundation’s Support Association. We will be happy to advise you on which form of membership best suits your company.

Porträt Carina Tüllmann

Carina Tüllmann
Head of Communications and Marketing

Porträt Carina Tüllmann

Andreas Nettsträter

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The support association

Members of Open Logistics eV

Open Logistics e. V. actively supports the work of the Open Logistics Foundation. Companies of all sizes can join – from start-ups to SMEs to corporations – whether logistics service providers or logistics IT companies.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke

Chairman of the Board

Director Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML

Porträt Christian Bockelt

Christian Bockelt

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Executive Vice President Global IT Land & Digital Solutions, DB Schenker

Porträt Markus Sandbrink

Markus Sandbrink


Head of Corporate IT, Rhenus SE & Co. KG

Founding members

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Do you have questions about the foundation or the community? We will be happy to answer them.