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More than just shipping.

A full load of logistics.

Open source has the potential to take digitalisation in logistics and supply chain management to the next level. With its projects, workshops, and other activities, the Open Logistics Foundation covers the entire spectrum of logistics and supply chain management, with a particular focus on areas promising the highest gains and biggest progress for the industry.

Addressing common pain points

Despite a lot of efforts made to overcome inefficient, inflexible, or error-prone processes, today’s logistics still suffers from a lot of pain points. The overall goal of the Open Logistics Foundation is to initiate and promote innovative digital, open source solutions addressing these pain points across the entire spectrum of logistics (transport, intralogistics, production logistics, supply chain management, etc.).

Current projects are focusing on core business areas and specific logistics issues of the participating companies. The ETD Working Group (ETD = electronic transport documents), for example, has devoted itself to developing a solution for companies to handle all kinds of shipping documents in a uniform manner.

What are your pain points?

Among the project ideas resulting from the latest workshop are:

Emissions Reporting

Creating a common data model for the exchange of emission-related transport data.

Driver App

Developing a common driver app (or a common framework for developing such an app)

Train & Wagon Information

Developing uniform interfaces and processes for recording and transmission of train and wagon information

More Topics

You can find an overview of further ideation topics on our idea collection board. Click here to view the board.

Open source as a driver of innovation

The Foundation‘s Innovation Community develops hardware and software components for (standard) logistics processes, allowing companies to offer new, innovative services and pursue new, innovative business models.

Strong community

Our Innovation Community is mainly comprised of the following types of companies:

  • Logistics service providers
  • Equipment service providers
  • IT companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Forwarding companies
  • Port/Airport operators
  • Platform operators

Portrait Nathalie Böhning


Nathalie Böhning

Innovation and Project Manager

Open Logistics Foundation

Portrait Boris Jeggle

Open source makes us more effective in our digital transformation. This enables us to generate value for our customers faster.

Boris Jeggle, CDO, Rhenus Home Delivery & Rhenus High Tech