Deep Dive Digitalevent #1: Introduction to the GitLab Repository of the Open Logistics Foundation

What? Deep Dive Open Source #1: Open Logistics Repository

Who? Open Logistics Foundation and Silicon Economy/Fraunhofer IML

When? Wednesday, 27 April 2022, 11:00 – 12:00

Where? digital

At the beginning of April, researchers from Fraunhofer IML made results from development projects of the research project “Silicon Economy” available in the repository of the Open Logistics Foundation. As part of the new Deep Dive Digital Events, the individual projects and developments will now be presented one by one. The agenda starts with an introduction to the GitLab repository of the Open Logistics Foundation.

The Deep Dive is a joint event of the Open Logistics Foundation and the Silicon Economy Initiative. It is primarily aimed at companies – and here both the management and IT departments. Here they can learn more about the concrete application and utilisation possibilities of the components. A total of eight dates are scheduled. 

Each Deep Dive will start with a brief introduction to the Silicon Economy and the Open Logistics Foundation. Afterwards, the researchers themselves will present their components and services, usually with live demonstrations. 

Participation is free of charge. The event language is German.