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The Network Partners and the Foundation are united by the joint mission to promote the spread of collaborative open source solutions, the huge gain of efficiency, independence and a way to stop silo thinking. They emphasise their partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). By signing MoUs, they can combine the power of their networks to give the industry a stronger voice and emphasise the importance of collaboration for future industry competitiveness. It also enables them to ensure regular dialogue and broaden everyone's horizons.
Partner since 2024

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Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe

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The topic of 'Physical Internet' is at the top of our joint agenda, universal open source solutions ena-ble structural collaboration at zero marginal costs. This is a core building block of the Physical Internet enabling collaboration opportunities, visibility and increase resource utilization and sharing. Efficiency will be more and more important to achieve an affordable transition to climate neutral and sustainable logistics and supply chains. This makes it even more important for the Open Logistics Foundation and us to act as a driver for more collaboration and open standards in this field. We will collaborate in projects and will organise joint ideation workshops, events and seminars on an EU-wide level to identify pain points and opportunities in the logistics industry. Thanks to the high diversity of the Foundation's members, a wide range of interest groups from all over Europe can find a voice.

Francois Regis le Tourneau, Chairman of ALICE

ALICE is a non-profit association for logistics innovation through collaboration in Europe and focuses on future trends and innovations in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and supporting leading experts and companies members in implementing supply chain and logistics innovation. ALICE is linked to the European commission and to many European initiatives. ALICE is goal is to bring together many different stakeholder from all logistics initiatives making sure that collaboration is established over all transport modes, logistics and supply chain domains.

Partner since 2024


Centre for Open Systems and Solutions

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"COSS and the Open Logistics Foundation share the belief that open source software and open standards are of crucial importance to various sectors, including the logistics industry and the public sector. This cooperation is a significant step forward in fostering innovation and transparency on an international level."

Timo Väliharju, Executive Director at COSS

COSS is a non-profit and commonbenefit association that promotes open source, open data, open standards and APIs. Internationally known as one of the oldest and most active centres for openness, COSS operates based on extensive cooperation, communication and networking. The aim of COSS is to strengthen the competitiveness of Finland’s software-intensive industries, promote the growth and internationalisation of open source businesses and enhance the development of the Finnish information society through the support of open technologies and communities.

Partner since 2024


Open Source Business Alliance

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"Together with the Open Logistics Foundation, we can promote the increased use of open source in business and industry and make the success of open source visible in these areas. We see great synergy potential here and a win-win situation for the topic of open source”

Lothar Becker, Board Member of the Open Source Business Alliance

The Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA) is the association of the open source industry in Germany. It represents over 200 member companies that generate more than EUR 126 billion annually. Together with scientific institutions and user organisa-tions, it is committed to anchoring the central importance of open source software and open standards for a successful digital transformation in the public consciousness. It also aims to drive innovation in the field of open source. The aim of the Open Source Business Alliance is to establish open source as the standard in public procurement and in research and business promotion. This is because open source and open standards are essential foundations for digital sovereignty, innovation and security in the digital transformation and therefore the answer to one of the greatest challenges of our time.


Carina Tüllmann


Open Logistics Foundation

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