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Rethinking open source for logistics.

Joining forces.

The Open Logistics Foundation, which was established in 2021, is a non-profit operating foundation advocating the promotion of open source applications in logistics.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to facilitate collaborative development of open source solutions to existing problems in logistics and supply chain management. Our Innovation Community develops common standards, tools, and services, which can be used commercially by any player in the industry. Collaborative development and the use of open source software and hardware ensures high process efficiency. The Foundation offers various possibilities to participate.

Our activities at a glance:

  • Operating an open and neutral platform for joint development of open source software and hardware components 
  • Publishing open source software and hardware components 
  • Establishing and maintaining an open source community 
  • Merging results from science, applied research, and practice into practical open source applications 
  • Developing and establishing de-facto standards 
  • Networking people and companies with relevant know-how
  • Organising events
  • Providing further education and training in the field of digitalisation

Operating the Open Logistics Repository

The Open Logistics Foundation operates the Open Logistics Repository, a technical platform allowing collaborative development of open source software (OSS) and hardware (OSH). The Repository also makes open source interfaces, reference implementations, and components available for being used under a free (i.e. permissive) license. Furthermore, it monitors the quality and security of open source tools developed and ensures neutrality regarding their development.

Independent and neutral, based on European legal standards

The Open Logistics Foundation is an independent and neutral organisation based on European legal standards and values. Our work is funded through member fees collected by Open Logistics e. V. which is our support association. Any company can become a member of the support association and join the Innovation Community in order to initiate and drive forward open source projects together with other companies.

Via the Open Logistics Repository, all components developed by our Innovation Community are available for any company interested.

Current projects of the Foundation focus on core business areas and specific logistics issues of the participating companies.

These are the founding members of the Open Logistics Foundation:

Portrait Andreas Nettsträter-quadrat

The logistics sector must become more software-driven to play a role in the forthcoming platform economy and to self-determine its future based on European legal standards and values. Our aspiration is to take all companies with us on this journey.

Andreas Nettsträter, CEO, Open Logistics Foundation