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On neutral ground.

Our organisation at a glance.

Both the Open Logistics Foundation and its support association, Open Logistics e. V., are independent and neutral organisations. Neutrality is guaranteed both with regard to development of software components and participation of companies. All components – as well as all standards, tools, and services – developed by our Innovation Community are available for free for any interested company. Take a look at how we are organised and who is responsible for which tasks.

The Foundation.

A network for logistics.

The Open Logistics Foundation networks companies with the aim to promote digitalisation in the field of logistics and supply chain management. 
  • The Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees are responsible for the strategic management of the Foundation.
  • The Logistical Steering Committee and the Technical Steering Committee are responsible for managing all operations.
  • All developmental activities take place in the working groups and their projects.
  • Our Head Office staff are in charge of conducting all administrative and organisational affairs.

Strategic Management

Board of Directors
Board of Trustees

Control and advise

Operational Management

Logistical Steering Committee (LSC)
Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

Quality assurance, specifications and guidance


Working Groups

The Support Association.

Ready for cooperation.

Regarding practical implementation of the Foundation’s purpose, Open Logistics e. V. acts as a support association, based on a cooperation agreement. Any interested company from the logistics industry can become a member of Open Logistics e. V. With their fees, the members of Open Logistics e. V. support and facilitate the activities of the Foundation. Each member can turn in project ideas or engage in ongoing project activities.

Board of Directors


Secondment of experts to
committees and working groups

General overview of our statutes.

Open Logistics Foundation

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Open Logistics Association

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More about our Innovation Community

What we understand by open ideation, how we practice open source, and how your company can participate.